This kid gets it. About our current education system. There is nothing immediately wrong about it. The traditional education system has nurtured many influential and successful people over the history of schooling. I wouldn’t dare strip the system of its merits. It is updating itself through growing technology and research. There is growing emphasis on teaching kids critical thinking and problem solving (but perhaps some cultures still have to catch up on that). However, the system is still raising our younger generation to be successful in society, but not successful in life. We may gain a lot of knowledge about the world through the traditional education system, but we will only get as good as the limits of the curriculum. The creativity and imagination is still trapped within the boundaries of the school walls. Our achievements are still constrained under the social hierarchy set by our education system. In truth, the biggest achievement in life is probably just happiness. I cannot say that I foresee a specific direction that education should go. If anything, this 13-year-old has already put it in words much better than I ever would. But Hackschooling sounds like a pretty good way to go for our future education. It is time for the education system to “learn” something new, as it has always taught us to learn new things. An efficient education system shouldn’t take 12+ years to teach kids to grow up and just say “ah well, none of that crap did anything for me”. There has to be more shortcuts to help kids find their interests and begin their exploration early. Imagine how many specialists we would have in every imaginable field if only the education system would allow them to go that way. That is how creativity grows, and that is where innovations begin. It begins will breaking down the walls of our schools.


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